Not Lookin’ Good

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday, 4th May, while working in the garden, I suffered a small stroke, which damaged, mainly, my field of vision; reading and writing suddenly became very difficult; I can still read words, but my brain doesn’t recognise what they mean.

            At this time, a kind of ‘brain fog’ makes it feel as though the task of writing a blog has now moved beyond me; but my instinct is to let the dust settle before making such decisions; so I’ll pause Larry’s Lunchette during May and monitor how my head behaves. I have to say, folks, it ain’t looking good.

Also, if anyone emails me, apologies in advance for any delayed response.

82 thoughts on “Not Lookin’ Good

  1. Sorry to hear this and hope that you lose the brain fog for yourself and your own quality of life.

    Kind regards


  2. Dear Laurence
    Short message. Your body is able HEAL. Do not lose heart. Sending you love and good vibes from Ruth and Davy xxx💜xxx🌹xxx

  3. My dear Laurence. Just to say that I am saddened by your news and hope that your recovery will be complete. Take good care of yourself. The Lunchette, though much appreciated, can wait. No response needed.

    Get well my friend

  4. Oh I am sorry Laurence I do hope the brain fog improves as I do look forward to your blogs on a Friday. Things load of things go along with old age none of them particularly pleasant I guess that is life which can be great but can be cruel. Good wishes. Josie xxx

  5. take care Lawrence, rest easy and take your time, hopefully you’ll be back with your thoughts in the near future.
    Best wishes, Phil

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your illness and wish you all the very best in your recovery. I always look forward to your blog and would like to thank you for the pleasure it has brought me over the years.

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery Lawrence, this is my final connection with this laptop and have always been inspired on a Friday with your blog and the references you’ve made to read more and with pressures of COVID on us I looked forward to reading your weekly news.
    Your recollection of the past has been incredible and your work in support of SENSCOT and Social Enterprises over the years amazing.
    Best wishes.

  8. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Your insightfulness, comment and passion contributes to my ‘weekly wellbeing. Thank you 🙏

  9. My thoughts are with you, I have been an avid reader of yours for years and relate to many of the experiences you share, such as your understanding and beliefs.

    So whatever your decision, I take this moment to thank you for allowing me to walk some of the pathway with you.


  10. I am so very sorry to hear this. Your blogs inspire and delight me and make me think.
    Hope you get back to them soon.
    Thinking of you! Sending love.

  11. Just wanted to say, I hope you get over this Laurence.
    My thoughts are with you…
    No need to reply to this…
    Yours aye

  12. Best wishes for a good recovery . It may not be as dire as you think,knowing others who have had similar experiences. I will miss Reading your blog over May and hope you are able to resume when you feel the time is right

  13. Hi Laurence
    It’s Colin here from With Kids. Have been enjoying your blog. So sorry to hear about the stroke. To have such a lively mind hammered this way must be intensely frustrating even though your blogs have indicated graceful aging which has been a lesson to me. Thoughts and prayers to you remarkable man that you are

  14. Sorry to hear that Laurence and I hope you make a swift recovery. Your anecdotes and reflections have informed and enlightened over many years; an authentic voice amidst an army of communications officers. My Fridays will be diminished until you return

  15. Really sorry to hear about that and sending you my very best wishes for a good recovery Laurence. I hope there might be a way you can continue your blog as we all get so much from your writing.

  16. Dear Laurence,

    Your news has floored me this morning.
    I can only hope and wish you a very speedy recovery.
    I look forward to your newsletter every week as it inspires to look.
    Please ask all those out here if you need financial help as I’m sure that between us we could generate some cash.

  17. Hi Larry, I’m sorry to hear and I hope you make a good recovery. You’ll have lots of people thinking about you.

  18. So very sorry to learn of this, Laurence. You do need to give yourself time. We’ll all miss reading your thought-provoking pieces.

    Best wishes and take care


  19. Dear Laurence, I’m so sorry to hear you have had a stroke. I hope things improve quickly and you are able to read and write again. I have enjoyed reading your blog for many years and hope to be able to do so again on the future. Meanwhile I wish you the very best in all your endeavours. Alison

  20. Sending all best wishes to you. I shall miss your Friday morning musings and hope that they are able to return in due course.

  21. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery and look forward to normal blog service being resumed soon, we’ll miss it. No need to reply, save your energy for getting better soon. Best wishes

  22. Get well soon Laurence! Your weekly posts are a welcome shot of reflective wisdom in turbulent times; hope you can get back to it.


    (ex-School for Social Entrepreneurs)

  23. Laurence, so sorry to hear this – I hope these effects ease off and the ‘brain fog’ lifts. All best, Martin

  24. Aw Larry, so sorry to hear that. You always cheer up my Friday with your wise words. You have spent a long time cheering us up so enjoy your rest and I wish you a speedy recovery. Don’t worry about your fans for at least a few months and hopefully with a bit of garden rest, you can contemplate your future.
    Thanks again for all the lovely words and take care, Brenda x

  25. Dear Lawrence,
    I am so sorry to learn of your change in health.
    I have been an avid reader of your postings since finding out about Senscot in 2011 and look forward to Friday mornings to learn about your take on issues in Scotland and further afield. Your writings have influenced some of my approach to my work and widened my appreciation of the work others.
    My thoughts and hopes are with you for a return to better health.

  26. Sorry to hear this, Laurence – wishing you a speedy recovery.
    No need to respond, just rest.

  27. Dear Laurence,

    You might not see this and please don’t worry about sending any response but I wanted to wish you well. Your blogs, and previously your contribution to the Senscot newsletter have often brightened my day, made me want to know more about something, or made me feel better about the world.

    I hope you know how many of us you have affected even though we haven’t met you.

    My very best wishes to you and I hope to see your writing in my inbox again sometime soon.

    Love and strength,


  28. Hi Laurence,
    So sorry to hear about your health challenge.
    I have been reading your blog for over 10 years and really enjoy every episode. Your Scottish wit and social awareness is something I look forward to every week.
    I live in Perth Western Australia but I am originally from Glasgow.
    Get well soon my friend. The world needs you and your wise words more now than ever.

    Best wishes
    Jim Petrie

  29. So sorry to read this Larry. Your blog gives me such joy and insight. Hope you make a steady recovery!!

    From Rachel and baby Tristan in Inverness.

  30. Hi Lawrence.
    So sorry to hear about your medical problem. This getting old is the pits.
    Try and be positive. strokes have a habit of repairing themselves and the body is a wonderful healer. I will definitely miss your weekly stories and hope it won’t be to long until you are back on the keys.
    Look after yourself dear friend and listen to the medical advice.
    Jim Mcgeehan.

  31. Sorry to hear you news Lorenzo.
    Cut yourself some slack and be good to yourself.
    You have given us all so much pleasure over the years .In our case with your love of Andalusia, you ability to recreate that passionate enervating place has been a delight to us fellow Hispanophiles.

    Just last week for example:–

    “I’ve had recent thoughts of Pepe’s Beach Bar, near Estepona; even with a stick I want to paddle again in the Med.
    I remember the high hills and the mountains behind the coast – the forests of pine and sweet chestnuts and cork oak – the steep slopes of Genal valley around Ronda, where eagles and falcons ride the thermals, and where the Moors built clinging villages, which now slumber in a past age”.
    Twenty years ago you wrote:
    Esta el Viejo borracho?
    Driving through Ubrique—
    “—got stuck, the long passageway narrows to nothing. Each time I reverse- get wedged, again and again, on one or other wall. Folk came to doors or upstairs windows calling advice.
    Overheating starting to lose it- panic, get out and pour bottle of water over my head.
    Two women start cackling- older guy –looks like priest –chides them –senses my distress delegates’ young bravo to handle the car. With noisy support from 20 spectators, he gets me pointing to freedom. Doff my panama and bow. Much goodwill and hilarity.”

    Another insight:
    “The people of Andalucía bring such grace and joy to life in the sun. I’m going to try and learn from them”
    Thank you for bringing these moments of Hispanidad alive for all of us–
    Forty years ago in Seville;
    “ in the Barrio Santa Cruz – walking home at 3am silent whitewashed alleyways- citrus-perfumed squares with ancient fountains – the waft of Jasmine on the still hot air- bats swooping overhead,
    18 June 1982 .The night I lost my heart to Seville.”

  32. Not nice Laurence so glad you will rest for a bit. Bodies do recover very cleverly often so you are wise to give time for that to happen. Love your posts and will miss them but looking forward to a reflective blog in June. Best wishes to you

  33. Will miss your weekly thoughts, but concentrate on getting yourself better and enjoy your garden. Thanks so much for all the blogs over the years.

  34. I’ve been reading and enjoying your weekly blogs for years. I did work in Glasgow but now back in Kent. I’m sorry this has happened and I wish you all the best. Get well soon. Angela

  35. Sorry to hear that, Laurence, I’ve enjoyed your writing for many years. Wishing you all the best.

  36. Hi Lawrence

    So sorry to hear about your stroke. We haven’t met but I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you get a quick and full recovery.

    All the best


  37. So sorry to hear this news. All best wishes for improvements to your health. I do hope I will be reading your blog again soon. No need for an acknowledgment. 🤗

  38. Very best wishes Laurence. I read your piece every week and look forward to your knowledge and wisdom.
    I truly hope you make a good recovery.

  39. Hi Laurence🌞 really very sorry to hear about your health hiccup😵the only positive in this scary shit & there is a positive to be taken, is that it could’ve been a lot worse🥴 and you can Help prevent further debility. On a practical note, please start your early mornings by taking 5mls of organic cider vinegar in 3oomls of water and prior to any tea,coffee etc. As an advocate of taking a more holistic approach to illness and as opposed to buckets full of orthodox suppressants. Perhaps you’d be interested in taking your guid-self along to a reputable retailer such as ‘Neals Yard’ where you can access a variety of alternative approaches, including organic supplements and nutritional advices etc.etc. Personally Laurence, I’d eat coo shit if it’d make me feel better🤣 Just to prove a point, I’ve had a few heart attacks over the past few years and ended up with stents. I’m no longer a candidate for further surgeries or significant treatments. Instead I’m living with ischaemic heart disease, emphysema and recently diagnosed left kidney cancer and cope amazingly well🤗 Its the usual approach wi me🤣 I live up to my own expectation & not down to other folks lack of this, that and the other bloody thing that might never happen👍. Sending a barrage of get wells, hugs & smiles, for sure you’ll recover Laurence, a few wee changes will see you positively blooming in time for summer👍🌻🧚‍♀️

  40. So sorry to hear this Larry.
    I hope you rest up to make a good recovery, for your own sake. Will miss your Friday inspirations and perspectives.

  41. I am so sorry to hear of your ‘brain fog’ and I wish you all the best and a quick recovery. You will be sorely missed during May and I hope that the following months will bring some clarity in your vision.
    In the meantime take care

  42. Very sorry to hear this news Laurence
    I hope a recovery has started and you will return to a more normal life.
    Your blog was a weekly pleasure in a mad world. Whilst I did not agree with some of your views I always recognised your knowledge, wisdom and commitment to the cause of community. Most weeks it gave me pointers to other reading which has proved useful in our quest to make changes to how communities and their organisations can make more impact and relevant to the powers that be.

  43. Dear Laurence,
    So sorry to hear your news and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Be kind to yourself – I hope you’ll be able to accept the many offers of help that will come your way.

    best regards,

  44. Sorry to hear you are unwell.i hope it gets better for you, you can get voice recognition softwarethat i had to use myself for a while. Very best wishes

  45. Wishing you a full recovery and the best of care. Your blog will be much missed but a rest is needed and the fog will clear. Sending love though we’ve never met as I feel I know you and wish I did!

  46. Hello Laurence,

    Very sad to hear about your health problem.
    I hope that you make a full recovery very soon.

  47. Trust your instinct to give yourself time to recover from this and don’t put yourself under pressure. Rest is necessary for recovery.
    I have always looked forward to your Friday messages and thank you for them and hope you will soon be back on track.
    Very best wishes for a full recovery.

  48. Hi Laurence
    Wishing you a gentle recovery and looking forward to reading your blog again soon.
    No need to reply, just wanted to say you’re in my thoughts.

  49. Wishing you a rapid and full recovery Laurence, but don’t do what you can’t do if it makes your life harder.

    No need to respond – give yourself the time you need.


  50. Hi Larry

    It’s Gillian and Tommy the cat Ex Lower Flat Abercorn here. Hope you are Okay?. Miss your posts and you! Take really good care of yourself.

    Very best wishes,

    Gillian xx

  51. I’m sorry to hear about your health Lawrence and wish you all the best for a good recovery. Looking forward to Junes newsletter

  52. Thank you Lawrence for your weekly insights information and opinion. I’ve been reading your blig since the early days of Senscot and have welcimed and enjoyed every one.
    I have valued your honesty your clarity and your authentic compassion and humour. You’ve made a difference.
    Hope you feel better soon and continue to enjoy your garden this summer.

  53. Dear Lawerence. Like many others I too will miss your weekly words. I did not always agree with you but I enjoyed the explanations you gave for those thoughts and it made me rethink my views on so many occasions. That’s the wonderful thing about free speech and debate, something our woke community fail to recognise at times-happy to speak freely but only if the listener accepts and agrees with them! Changed days from the debating society from school days many moons ago!
    Best wishes for your ongoing recovery. You have left such a huge legacy and will be remembered well and fondly by many, myself included.

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